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Say hello to those pandas!

February began with a cute postcard from China- so far the first and only Chinese postcard in 2021/2022. The sender left us some information about a place where she lives. We could check the location on the map as the length of the coastline in Shenzhen seemed impressive to us. Anyway, the postcard itself traveledCzytaj dalej „Say hello to those pandas!”

Some wishes from Taiwan

The first postcard from Taiwan appeared in our school on the 11th of January. It was a cartoon-like postcard with pictures of the most famous tourist attractions in Taitung and also some characteristic fruits from there. Those few nice words included Christmas wishes and even though we got the postcard after Christmas, we were happyCzytaj dalej „Some wishes from Taiwan”

Somewhere in California

In January, we got a postcard from Redwoods in California. It traveled 38 days and 9260 kilometres which is actually the longest distance as for now. Although there are just a few words we were glad to learn that someone there thought about our school for a while. And there goes the postcard!

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